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Isela Xospa

Is a New York based artist who’s work represent a celebration of her indigenous cultural heritage with a touch of pop culture and mexican street life.

Originally from Mexico City, she is rooted in the indigenous culture still alive in the her native rural area of the Federal District known as Malacachtepec Momoxco, meaning place rounded by mountains in the Aztec language Náhuatl.

Her artistic work is heavily influenced for  her respect for the rituals of that community and in particular  by the traditional relationship between humans and nature as evidenced in the elaborate preparation of foods native to her home. Her work is also influenced by  by the “Gráfica Polular”, a rich and important  movement in Mexican art dating back to the XVIII century.

Mexican popular culture and street life are sources for her inspiration: the public mercados, taquerias, pulquerías, lucha libre,  Mexican cinema, farmers markets, telenovelas, and popular music  all enter into the language of her designs.

xospatronik-portrait1Importantly, Isela is concerned in her work with her people and with their experiences and identity as travelers and migrants. She herself has firsthand knowledge of borders and the immigrant experience, having lived for one year in the UK doing volunteer work with the handicapped youth and juvenile delinquents in a southern province of England before coming to live in the USA.

Isela is a  graduate of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana in Mexico City, and has produced  graphics for high profile clients such as Fondo de Cultura Económica and ILCE México. She currently resides in the Lower East Side, working on drawings, prints and photography that reflect her experiences as a transplant in a new place.

Isela specializes in character design, visual narrative, story telling and video and photography archiving.
Character Design  • Illustration • Photography • Visual  Narrative • Editorial • Storytelling • Graphic Design • Animation • Archiving • Puppet Making • Video • Costume Design • Installation Design • Silkscreen Printing • Letterpress • Risography • Backstrap Weaving • Digital Embroidery • Graffiti • Cooking 
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